What our Past Clients Say

Warren Taryle


An experience like this one comes along once in a lifetime. I can’t even put a dollar value on what this trip was worth to me and my wife, Diana. We are thinking bigger.”


Thank you Jordan for stretching our dreams! The Mastermind by Private Jet experience expanded our vision and now we are taking things to a whole new level! Our teams are excited to reach for new levels of achievement. The social media posts really elevated our street cred as well!”

Dave Bengel

Victor James and Alicia Perone


“We had so much fun! We had a blast taking outrageous footage on the flight and using it in some of our music videos. The experience was out of this world! “


“I knew this would be an exciting adventure . . . but life changing is an understatement. It really made me see and believe what’s possible. I’m beginning to dream again!”

Cheryl Barnes